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The site's search feature is designed to allow users to quickly and easily find encyclopedia and other site content. To use it, simply type your search terms in the "I am looking for..." box and press Enter. You will then see a list of results based on your terms and can further refine your search.

The results page gives you a few additional options to help refine your search. In addition to adding or removing search terms you can choose whether the search should look for all your terms separately or as a phrase. Searching for a phrase can be very useful, for example if you wanted to find articles that contained the phrase "genetic toxicity" but not articles that simply contained both "genetic" and "toxicity" somewhere in their text.

Some basic tips:

  • Use the most specific search terms possible. Searching for terms like "injury" or "occupation" by themselves will return many results may not help you find exactly what you want.
  • Use as few search terms as possible. A search for "chemicals that are dangerous to humans" contains a number of words that are not relevant to the search. Searching for "human toxic chemical" will yield much better results.
  • Try a single term or a pair of terms first. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for start by entering one or two search terms. Based on the results of that search you can decide what additional terms to add in order to narrow down your search.
  • Do not enter questions. A search for "what are common injuries in the construction industry" will not work because that question does not appear anywhere on the site. Search instead for terms like "construction injury".


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